Ribosome profiling is a technique that provides genome wide information of translated mRNA based on deep sequencing of ribosome protected mRNA fragments (RPF). The current version of database contains 777 samples from 82 studies in eight species, processed and reanalyzed by a unified pipeline. There are two ways to query the database: by keywords of studies or by genes. The outputs are presented in three levels. 1) Study level: including meta information of studies and reprocessed data for gene expression of translated mRNAs; 2) Sample level: including global perspective of translated mRNA and a list of the most translated mRNA of each sample from a study; 3) Gene level: including normalized sequence counts of translated mRNA on different genomic location of a gene from multiple samples and studies. To explore the rich information provided by RPF, RPFdb also provides a genome browser to query and visualize context-specific translated mRNA.

  • Sample updates
    [2015-07-04] 295 samples from 33 studies were added.
    [2015-01-05] 482 samples from 49 studies were provided.